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Radio Presenters and Philosophy

Inspiring young people

By inspiring young people and also igniting their passion to learn, children will be able to take responsibility for their own actions.
Encouraging the children to publish their work online will inevitably persuade them to reach for and acheive higher aspirations. By allowing children to have an audience for their work, they will become more motivated and engaged in activity based learning, this boosts self-confidence, builds relationships and enhances ICT skills. This real life experience inevitably pushes them to develop independent thinking and problem solving skills, which will be seen as a necessity in their adult life.

Empowering Teachers

RadioAnywhere works exclusively with schools and curriculum experts to provide training and helpful guides for teachers. By allowing teachers to become experts in the product their enthusiasm towards RadioAnywhere will be inevitably be passed onto the children. By enthusing the children about broadcasting and communicating, learning can be made  more exhilarating, whilst remaining curriculum based.

The Key to Delivering Educational Value is RadioAnywhere

The objectives we help schools meet are as follows:-

  • Personalised Learning
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Better relationships with peers and teachers
  • Independent thinking skills
  • Media Literacy
  • Writing for new reasons
  • Enhancing different learning styles

Helping you to Deliver the Curriculum

RadioAnywhere supports curriculum delivery across all primary age ranges and abilities by:-
  • Transition
  • Inclusion
  • Gifted and Talented
  • Enterprise
  • Out of hours Learning
  • Drama
  • Media Literacy

RadioAnywhere allows you to create a Positive, Encouraging and Supportive Environment for Tomorrow's Future.

RadioAnywhere is about openly sharing ideas and collaborating within a safe and secure network. Our product creates a positive environment for your school, whilst encouraging individual development. All broadcasts can be accessed as downloadable files on your website, which also provides a safe and secure site for children to communicate and broadcast. All RadioAnywhere members must operate under our code of conduct and we will not tolerate bad language or offensive comments.